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RGLR Consulting


Employees Complete the Strategy

New innovations often center on products, services, systems, and processes, but they should also keep the experience of employees front and center. While this may seem counterintuitive to the “customer first” theme many companies rally around, those concepts can easily coexist. Former Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher extolled the value of prioritizing employees. In his words:

Your employees come first. And if you treat your employees right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes your shareholders happy. Start with employees and the rest follows from that.

The Consultancy helps you unlock new value by fully integrating employees into the entire customer experience. We look at ways to grow the top line with employees, while our competitors focus on the bottom line by cutting costs and squeezing the most out of your workforce. 

Helping you to:

Onboarding & Customer Engagement

We help to create unique onboarding experiences for your customers that start with your front-line employees with whatever your key goal is in mind (ex. NPS Score, LTV, Problem Order Reduction)

Upsell Opportunity Identification

Working in the business on a day to day basis sometimes doesn't allow you to see potential opportunities that are right in front of you. We help to uncover those opportunities that can bring in additional revenue.

Product & Agent Secret Shopping

Get a true view of the current experience that both your customers and agents are going through. We will help to surface easy wins and long-term opportunities for experience improvements.

Human & Technology Integration

We don't like to think of humans and technology as separate ways to engage with customers. It's also not about how technology should be more human. It's about enabling your current employees with technology to improve experience.

Testing Program for New Ideas

We help you to create and fulfill a culture of testing new ideas within your organization. We help you to become experts in creating and running test with humans that can eventually scale.
  • Why work with us?
    Simply put...we've done this before. Working with contact/support centers to engage their agents is nothing new for us. We've done this for multiple companies with success. We are more than happy to provide our current case studies for your review. We also have a diverse multi-disciplinary (marketing, design, research, product, sales) approach to ensure that we skip what we call "siloed ideas or innovation." Siloed ideas and innovation happens when there is no input or thought from other internal orgnizations. We are looking at all angles from beginning to end.
  • Who do we work best with?
    We like each other. We only work with those who we like and vice versa. You are interested in hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly on how to improve your employee’s experience to see a better customer experience. Currently looking for ways to utilize technology to enhance the employee experience and not replace it.

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